You May Wish to Avoid Dollar Rent A Car


Dollar car rental is being sued for screwing its customers.

But people who have worked the counters at Dollar rental locations confirm that abuses against customers are widespread, arising from a corporate commissions structure that prizes steep sales goals and creates pressure to exploit travelers. In multiple states, they describe how employees learned deceptive tactics from one another, while supervisors turned a blind eye to the activity, and rebuffed customer pleas for adjustments to the final bill. Those tactics included rental sales agents adding extra insurance coverage to customers’ contracts without telling them and then having them sign for it.


HP Laptop Sucks


I was in need of a laptop and ordered one from the HP website.  I ordered from there because I wanted a laptop with Windoze 7 and the local stores I went to offered only Windoze 10.  I could get a laptop with Windoze 7 at the HP website.

The laptop was shipped from Kunshan, China, according to FedEx tracking.

After using it, I have encountered numerous problems:

  • Internet connectivity is troublesome.  Sometimes the connection is briefly lost.  Even with the ethernet cable plugged into the computer, the internet connection can be shaky.
  • The cursor seems to have a mind of its own.  On one occasion, a file folder was moved to inside another file folder (I didn’t do this–the laptop did).  I had to do some hunting to find it.  Sometimes when I’m typing text, the cursor moves to the far left position and highlights everything on that line. If I’m not watching the screen continually, and don’t see this, the next character I type will overwrite and wipe out everything which was highlighted.
  • There are other annoyances. For example, sometimes the laptop decides on its own to “click on” (activate) hyperlinks on a page. DNS server settings frequently change. Livestreaming freezes up.

I contacted HP customer support via a chat link at their website. I learned I was talking to somebody in India. They told me they had to “escalate” and I’d receive a call from someone in 24-48 hours.  I finally got a call — 9 days later!  This call came from Texas.

I told HP I’d like them to send me a replacement laptop (one which works) and allow me to send the malfunctioning laptop back to them.  They said no.  I’d have to send in the laptop for repair.  That would require 2-3 weeks, according to HP.  Based on my experience with HP’s response time, I fear that could very well stretch into 4-6 weeks or more.

I require use of this laptop to update blogs and to maintain numerous websites and explained that to HP.  They don’t care.  Then, too, I’ve now got a lot of personal information and website files on this laptop. I’d have to download and erase those files prior to sending it in.  Then I’d have to reload them all when the laptop is returned.

HP chose to send its manufacturing to China, for the sake of lower wages and increased profit.  If China manufacturing results in malfunctioning laptops, it seems to me HP should be prepared to absorb the cost of replacing those bad laptops.  Like most corporations, they’re determined to maximize profit — even if that means consumers get screwed.

BTW, I pulled out the HP warranty that came with the laptop.  The print is so small I couldn’t read it, even with a magnifying glass.  Here’s a scan of it, full-sized. There are seven pages of this:

I’ve purchased several HP products.  Will I ever purchase from HP again?  I seriously doubt that I will.


Shooting of Black Lives Matter Protesters


It’s reported that five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot in Minneapolis.  It’s alleged the shootings were the work of white supremacists.

A few comments:

  1. BLM protesters, it’s reported, confronted the 3 or 4 counter-protesters (the alleged white supremacists).  It’s understandable, but perhaps not the best decision by BLM protesters. It could be argued the counter-protesters were also exercising their free-speech rights.
  2. It’s reported the counter-protesters were leaving and were followed by BLM protesters. That, too, was probably not the wisest decision.
  3. Guns: Here’s another gun-fueled incident.  The NRA needs to be defanged and the prevalence of guns needs to be addressed (and minimized).
  4. Where were the FBI and Homeland Security?  They surveilled the Occupy and other protests and are, reportedly, also watching BLM protests. And what about the Minneapolis police? Surely some (or all) of these agencies must have been aware of the presence of the counter-protesters and the possibility for confrontation.
  5. The BLM movement’s “in-your-face” manner of protesting, it could be argued, invites attention and attacks from white supremacists.
  6. Will this mean BLM protesters will arrive at demonstrations armed with guns?
  7. These race-based confrontations will, I fear, become only worse.  The number of white-supremacist groups has dramatically increased since Obama was elected.  Then there are the batshit-crazy Republicans who support Donald Trump’s racism and xenophobia — that bodes ill.


Noam Chomsky weighs in on the Black Lives Matter movement across the United States, calling it a response to the unresolved consequences of slavery and racism dating back hundreds of years. “[Slavery] is a large part of the basis for our wealth and privilege,” Chomsky says.

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