Goldman Sachs: Remember We Bailed It Out? Now It’s Hiring (Overseas)


After U.S. taxpayers bailed out Goldman Sachs, it saw fit to pay Hillary some $675,000 for three speeches.

Now it’s sending jobs overseas: to India, Poland, and Singapore. “Low cost locations” is cited as the reason why.  We know why: Low wages.  They’re probably trying to save money so they can give Hillary more payola.

Aren’t you glad we bailed out the bastards?


Republicanomics: Kansas Gov. Brownback Cuts Education Budget (Thanks to Tax Cuts)


Will this serve as a wake-up call for those who voted to re-elect Brownback? (Probably not.)

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday announced $44.5 million in education cuts to help patch a budget hole blamed on deep income tax reductions he signed into law.

Brownback’s plan takes $28 million, or 1.5 percent, out of elementary and secondary education, including $5 million from Johnson County schools. The districts taking the biggest hits will be Olathe, Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley.

The Republican governor also sliced more than $16 million, or 2 percent, from higher education, something he traveled the state campaigning for in 2013 when it was lawmakers who wanted to cut funds for colleges and universities.

The Schism in the Democratic Party | Democrats Divided


Democrats are divided.  Some support Hillary. Some ardently support Bernie.

Those who support Hillary do so, in part, because she’s a woman.  Democratic Party politicians and the party’s machinery support Hillary because that’s the way a political party works.  The elite members of the party hand-picked her as “The Candidate”.  Bernie managed to get on the Democratic ticket because they thought he had no chance of winning.  Silly them.  They didn’t realize how pissed off people are with politics as usual.

Bernie’s supporters are surprisingly similar to Trump voters.  They’re fed up with politics as usual and with the payola.  They want to see real change.  Bernie supporters are largely younger, and he’s the millennials’ favorite.  Their world awareness probably began with 9/11, the economic crash, and they may have participated in the Occupy movement or the Black Lives Matter Movement.  They’ve had it with the establishment.

There are those who say “we” have to support whichever of them (Hillary or Bernie) becomes the Democratic candidate.  Based on my observations, Hillary supporters are more likely to say that than Bernie supporters.  If Hillary gets the nomination, I expect many Bernie supporters will simply sit out the election.  They’re not prepared to hold their noses and vote again for “least worst”. Lower voter turnout may make it more possible the Republican will win.

If Bernie wins, it’s an opportunity to fire a warning shot across the bow of the “politics as usual” crowd.

Unfortunately, the Hillary supporters don’t see it that way.  They’re entrenched in the cult of party loyalty and they’ll stick with Hillary through hell or high water.  That’s are the sort of voter the duopoly depends on: Absolute party loyalists.

As for me, I’m thoroughly disgusted with the stranglehold the duopoly has on American politics and government.  I’m fed up with the corruption, and now that corruption is publicly promoted by the media, as it announces how much money the candidates have raised (but never condemning the payola).  If you check Hillary’s campaign contributors, you’ll see how corrupt she is.

Something has to be done to neuter corrupt, bought-off, party politics.  Voting for Hillary is voting for the status quo.

If Hillary gets the nomination and you’re a Bernie supporter, consider voting for Jill Stein.  No corporate payola.

The corrupt political system will never change unless voters finally say, “enough is enough”.


Billary: Corruption Personified | Hillary Clinton Corruption

Images by DonkeyHotey

Face it: They’re corrupt.  They left the White House, some 15 or so years ago, broke.  They even took the White House china with them. Today, they’re worth millions (perhaps $80 million or so, according to various sources).

Simon Head, at The New York Review of Books, writes about the “The Clinton System“, including this:

The record of the Clinton System raises deep questions about whether a Hillary Clinton presidency would take on the growing political influence of large corporate interests and Wall Street banks.

Read it — it’s an astonishing story of payola.

Hedge Fund Titans Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Top Republicans

It’s About the Payola: