Global Trade Agreements: When People Take a Back Seat to Corporations


Here’s a great example of what happens when those corporate-friendly “free trade” agreements take effect (emphasis mine):

Offering a stark warning of how corporate-friendly trade pacts like the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) put both democracy and the environment at risk, a Canadian company is seeking damages from Romania after being blocked from creating an open-pit gold mine over citizen concerns.

Common Dreams

Hot Water Leaves Nearly 250,000 Salmon Dead In The Pacific Northwest


Despite denials by the climate-change deniers, everything’s getting hotter, including waterways used by migratory salmon in the Pacific northwest.

sockeye salmon are in trouble. Out of the more than 507,000 salmon that have passed through the Bonneville Dam, some 235,000 have died — a number that Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife fisheries manager John North told Reuters is unprecedented.

Think Progress

Killer of Cecil the Lion Identified: Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer

It’s reported that Zimbabwe’s Cecil the Lion was killed by a Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, who reportedly does cosmetic dentistry in Bloomington, Minnesota.

It’s reported he paid $55,000 to kill Cecil. Reportedly, Palmer shot Cecil with an arrow then the bastards followed Cecil for 40 hours (!) and finally killed him with a gun. Cecil’s corpse was beheaded, then the body was skinned.

Palmer’s website ( is down, presumably because Palmer has been getting skewered on social media, and rightfully so.

Palmer apparently loves to hunt and kill unarmed animals.

Walter Palmer, you’re an asshole. May all your teeth but one fall out, and may that one become abscessed.

The Guardian

New York Daily Intelligencer


Some Websites Know Who You Are By How You Type


Really. Different people type differently. Shorter or longer pauses between some keys, etc

“I created and trained a biometric profile of my keystroke dynamics using the Tor browser at a demo site. I then switched over to Google Chrome and not using the Tor network, and the demo site correctly identified me when logging in and completing a demo financial transaction,” he shared, and noted that “as soon as somebody manages to build a biometric profile of your keystrokes at a network/website where you are otherwise completely anonymous, that same profile can be used to identify you at other sites you’re using, were identifiable information is available about you.”

There’s a Chrome extension called Keyboard Privacy and Firefox is reportedly working on one, too.