AT&T’s Massive Invasion of Privacy | AT&T Spying


With google establishing 100 Mb internet service, AT&T has also offered 100 Mb service in some areas.

But there’s a catch: To get the lowest price from AT&T, you have to agree to let them spy on virtually everything you do online.

“U-verse with AT&T GigaPower”: In my opinion, don’t use it if you’re concerned about your privacy.

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Leave Facebook if you don’t want to be snooped on, warns EU | Facebook Sucks

Facebook Sucks

Facebook Sucks

The European Commission has warned EU citizens that they should close their Facebook accounts if they want to keep information private from US security services, finding that current Safe Harbour legislation does not protect citizen’s data.

The comments were made by EC attorney Bernhard Schima in a case brought by privacy campaigner Maximilian Schrems, looking at whether the data of EU citizens should be considered safe if sent to the US in a post-Snowden revelation landscape.

“You might consider closing your Facebook account, if you have one,” Schima told attorney general Yves Bot in a hearing of the case at the European court of justice in Luxembourg.

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Radio Shack to Auction Customers’ Personal Information


When you check out at the register, maybe you should think carefully before giving the clerk any personal information.

For years, RadioShack made a habit of collecting customers’ contact information at checkout. Now, the bankrupt retailer is putting that data on the auction block.
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How an acute shortage of cyber talent gave rise to ‘spooks as a service’

A list of RadioShack assets for sale includes more than 65 million customer names and physical addresses, and 13 million email addresses. Bloomberg reports that the asset sale may include phone numbers and information on shopping habits as well.