O’Keefe Calls Press Conference. Laughter Ensues (From Reporters)

James O’Keefe mug shot

James O’Keefe, a right-winger who is notorious for making deceptive and misleading video “expose’s”, called a press conference to regale attending reporters with his latest “bombshell”…it involved a Canadian woman who attempted to buy a Hillary t-shirt.

The press conference was met with laughter from at least one attending reporter.


O’Keefe is a right-wing asshole. Or is that redundant?

O’Keefe sentenced in Mary Kay Landrieu break-in

More on Ashley Madison: Bots and Paid Profile Creators


More has been reported about the devious practices of Ashley Madison, used to lure men and to encourage them to give more money to Ashley Madison.

It’s reported Ashley Madison hired people to create profiles AND used bots (software) to send messages to men, who believed they were communicating with real women.

…in the database dump from Impact Team, all we can see is the ample evidence that male users were contacted by bots pretty much constantly. Those data fields tell us that 20 million men out of 31 million received bot mail, and about 11 million of them were chatted up by an automated “engager.” And in the code, I discovered that for many members, these robo-encounters could come roughly every few minutes. At last, I was able to see how a group of engineers tried to create bots that would make men feel like they were in a world packed with eager, available women.


Dead Syrian Boy: This is What War Does

Dead Syrian boy (a refugee) washed up in Turkey.

This is what our unending wars look like for countless “civilian casualties”, and the Republicans seem to believe military force is necessary to force America’s will on the world. Look at the body of that dead boy then think of all of those same Republicans who proclaim they are pro-life.

They’re all bullshitters.


Consumer Debt Increasing


Wages and income for the working class are stagnant.  So they’re borrowing more.

A recent report by consumer-credit-tracking firm Experian shows the average term for a new car loan is 67 months – a record. And the average amount financed for a new vehicle is $28,711 – also a record. The average monthly payment for a new vehicle is $488 – yet another record.

Porter Stransberry discusses financial gravity:

As this credit bubble deflates, “gravity” will return to our economy. Capital costs will begin to grow. Terms for credit will get tougher. The rising cost of capital will result in bad loans, bankruptcies, repossessions, unemployment, softer demand, and lower securities valuations.


Comcast to Begin Web Access Limits


As if Comcast’s internet access rates aren’t already outrageously high:

Comcast has modified its usage cap “trials” and will begin charging users a $30 premium if they want to avoid being capped. In current trial markets, users face a 300 GB monthly cap, after which users have to pay $10 for each additional 50 GB of usage. According to Comcast usage trial FAQ changes noticed by DSLReports, users in the Florida trial markets now have the choice of paying a $30 premium on top of their current monthly rate to avoid usage caps.

DSL Reports


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